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This has been my life’s mission. It started when I was six and I taught my best friend to do maths magic squares. When I was old enough and smart enough, I taught primary school kids in three different countries for nearly 15 years. Now I’m a coach and it means I get to teach my clients all sorts of amazing stuff. I’m grateful for all the opportunities I have to teach.


I used to believe in potential. Not anymore. Now I believe that we all have the ability to actually reach our potential. Big difference.


My belief in people has always been unwavering. My mum once told me, “You are always picking up strays”…and she didn’t mean dogs. She meant people – friends I have connected with over the many years. And what she really meant was “lost”, people who, for some reason or another, were frozen. People whom I saw as incredibly beautiful, strong, intelligent, and resilient and who saw themselves as so much less.


I’m a listener. Again, always have been. My whole life, people have opened up to me. I am pretty sure that I spent a minimum of 11 years with a phone glued to my ear – the “old school” phones, with really long, curly extension cords – as I supported the people in my life to get on, take responsibility and get empowered.


When I was younger, and people were stuck in some area of their life, I used to look them straight in the eye and say, “Just deal.” Or, depending on my mood, “Buck up!” I have a much broader vocabulary now, but my message is the same – I know that people have all the resources they need to take action and make things happen when they trust themselves and choose to stop making excuses.


The discovery that I was devoted to improving the lives of others pushed me to make it my career. So I imagined of all the ways I could apply this to work with individuals and groups and help people go down the path from where they are to where they want to be. I truly thought I was inventing an entire new industry. My husband knew better. It took about 20 minutes on the internet to realise that it already existed.


There is nothing like being a mother to three spirited, smart and formidable children to show me how beautiful imperfection can be.


When I commit, I commit. Especially to people. Especially to you.

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